ABOUT US博物館について

We inherit Ainu culture and seek to create new traditions.

This is a museum where we must preserve Hokkaido’s true history and culture,
treasures found nowhere else on Earth. We must enrich this heritage as we pass it down.




The exhibitions in this museum are utilized for the study of Ainu culture of the Saru Valley. This museum has Ainu crafts designated as important tangible folk cultural properties and lots of audio visual and book materials. There are cise villages near the museum designated as important cultural landscapes.
From the museum you can walk to the Kayano Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Museum, the Historical House of Dr. Munro (tangible cultural property designated by the government), the Historical Museum of the Saru River, and the Ainu Culture Information Center of Biratori. This is a rare example in Hokkaido that academic information related to Ainu culture is amassed in one place.
“Street of the artisans” has been prepared since 2011, which relates to a measure to promote Ainu traditional crafts. Nibutani is lined with Ainu craft shops, where is a center of the promotion of tourism in Biratori. Artisanship has been handed down there and visitors can experience making crafts.
Along with the wisdom and the message nurtured by nature’s bounty, enjoy visiting this museum where you can learn Ainu tradition multilaterally and professionally.

Director of the Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum




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