“ Handmade crafts tell stories beyond the ages.”

Hunting,gathering,cultivating,weaving,sewing,dressing,carving,praying,dedicating,singing and telling stories... This is a museum where we live in harmony with nature,take pride in our humanity,and study wisdom and ways of life.

MAP OF THE HALL 館内のレイアウト


〈アイヌ〉 Ainu Zone

人々の暮らしThe Ainu Way of Life



The AinuZone introduce everyday items used in child rearing, eating, and other aspects of life. Wonder at the splendid traditional technique and sense of beauty in carvings and embroidered patterns.

〈カムイ〉 Kamuy Zone

神々のロマンThe Kamuy zone



The Kamuy zone focuses on Ainu spiritual life, from religion and prayer to legends and folktales. Enjoy watching videos of yukar(heroic epics),kamuy yukar(myths)and uwepeker (folktales). In this rare collection of traditional stories,there are some you can hear only in this museum.

〈モシリ〉 Moshir Zone

大地のめぐみBlessings of the Earth



The Moshir Zone Exhibits implements related to agriculture,hunting,transport and funeral ceremonies. The dugout canoe here is the largest in japan. There are many works by talented craftsmen living in Nidutani, the cradle of Ainu culture. Don’t miss them!

〈モレウ〉 Moreu Zone

造形の伝統A Tradition of Figurative Art



The Morew Zone introduces the Ainu skills of craft-making and the beauty of figurative art. Handworks made by man and woman each has the beauty cultivated by a tradition of figurative art. Enjoy the decoration of morew (quietly-curve: Ainu pattern) and the world of the well-made patterns.

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